Monday, December 2, 2013

Pitching our agents and editors - Part One of Three

Pitching to an agent or editor is much like speed dating. You're ushered into a room, seated at a small table, introduce yourself and then proceed to make a great first impression in eight minutes.  If you're like me, you go in hands shaking and knees weak worried if you have something stuck in your teeth....okay, you're probably not as neurotic, but, if you're even a little bit worried, or just wondering if you'd be a good fit with the agent or editor you plan to chat with, then let me ease your mind. The first thing to remember is: They're just people! 
Okay, maybe I'm stating the obvious, but at least it broke the ice, right? I'll even go a step further. I recently 'sat down' with our publishing professionals to ask the burning questions you're dying to know before you sign up to pitch. 
So, I introduce to you our Editors and Agents!
*Chris Kesslar was unavailable to comment.

What type of books are you actively seeking? What stories make you the most excited?

KATE RICHARDS: Decadent Publish has a wide variety of releases in all the sub-genres of romance and beyond. I am, of course, particularly involved with our 1Night Stand and Challenge series stories and am actively seeking submissions for those. Romantic suspense and paranormal stories are also particular interests of mine.

LATOYA SMITH: I am currently looking for romance and erotic romance in most sub-genres with the exception of historical, as well as African American general fiction and romance.  In regards to what I would be most excited to see, I would like more romantic suspense submissions.  Damaged heroes also do it for me.

NATALIE LAKOSIL: I’m drawn to talented, hard-working new authors with a fresh, unique voice and hook. My specialties are children’s literature (from picture book through teen and New Adult), romance (contemporary and historical), cozy mystery/crime, up market women’s/general fiction and select children’s nonfiction. My interests include historical, multicultural, magical realism, sci-fi/fantasy, gritty, thrilling and darker contemporary novels, middle grade with heart, and short, quirky or character-driven picture books. I’m always drawn to an open and positive attitude in an author, professionalism, good grammar, and fantastical, beautifully written, engaging and sexy plots. What I am not looking for: Inspirational novels, memoir, romantic suspense, adult thrillers, poetry, screenplays

SARAH YOUNGER: I am actively seeking all varieties of genre romance and NA, really all varieties, and very select YA, Women's fiction, and pet or sports focused Non-Fiction. As to the stories that make me the most excited are those with unique voices and stand out characters. Also, it doesn't hurt to have a great hook and thoughts to the future in terms of next works. 

SUE GRIMSHAW: Erotic, new adult, contemporary very sexy and everything really – but must be character focused, their journey, not the plot telling the story.  I personally love everything

MACKENZIE FRASER-BUD: I am seeking women’s fiction and romance primarily.  I get excited about dynamic, interesting characters that I can immediately connect with; a distinctive voice will always draw me in!  Strong, complex heroines, well-paced narratives, and innovative plot lines are a must.  And having a dreamy guy in the picture definitely doesn’t hurt. 

Check this blog regularly for updates.
Part Two and Three coming in a few days.
HURRY TO REGISTER for the conference, even if you haven't decided about your agent/editor appointment yet. The price goes up after December 31st.

Terri Molina
Conference Co-coordinator. 

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