Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pitching at the Conference - Part Two of Three

What advice do you have for authors planning to pitch to you at the Desert Dreams Conference?

KATE RICHARDS: If you pitch a story that meets our needs, and gets me excited, I will ask you to submit. So if you’re just thinking an idea through, chat with me informally, anytime during the conference, but if you pitch, be ready!

LATOYA SMITH: I’m really nice, so no need to panic (joking!) I have learned from past conferences that it’s sometimes helpful to have notes with you to help keep you on track. It’s very easy to get nervous or sidetracked.

NATALIE LAKOSIL:  Don't freak out. Don't vomit or burst into tears - though I won't hold it against you if you do. Come prepared with questions; this is a chance to get to know the agent, too - you can always send a letter with a pitch, but how often can you pick an agent's brain? 

SARAH YOUNGER: I would say to author's planning to pitch: 
A) Don't be nervous. (Or at least try your best not to be... :) 
B) Come prepared. By that I mean 1) have something that I can sell, as in a finished or almost finished manuscript. & 2) Know my list, if you bring something to the table that I don't rep then we're both wasting time. 
C) If you just want to chat about stories ideas etc. that is fine too, but preface your intentions at the beginning. 
D) Also know that we might not just chat about books. I think some of the best pitch meetings I've had we've not only talk about an author's work and their plans for the future, but also about football, pets, and bad dates. 

SUE GRIMSHAW: Bring notes if it helps, be relaxed – I am J And just have fun.  I like to know who you like to read and who you think you write like &/or what authors readers your book will appeal to.

MACKENZIE FRASER-BUD: Don’t be nervous! I totally understand that pitching is a very nerve-wracking process and that’s enormously difficult to sit in front of someone you’ve never met and try to sell them on a project that you’ve poured yourself in to; it’s humbling to me that you want to share it with me.  Practice what you most want to tell me about your project and then we’ll talk about – there’s no need to be nervous.  I’m nice.  

Registration fee goes up after December 31st.

Terri Molina
Conference co-coordinator

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