Monday, December 9, 2013

Pitching at the conference - Part Three of Three

Since this is not your "first rodeo", what is the one thing an author can do to "wow" you?

KATE RICHARDS:   I’m always fascinated by a new take on a popular idea. Our readers are, too. Or a brand new concept. And a lot of heart. I hope to care almost as deeply as you do about your characters, to love them and hate their troubles and cheer for their triumphs.

LATOYA SMITH: Be yourself. 

NATALIE LAKOSIL:  Bring a kitten? Actually, someone did bring me pictures of their cat once, which was quite wonderful. I don't recommend it as a general practice, I just happen to really enjoy cats. I suppose, really, being personable and making me laugh. Being professional and respectful...being human. :) 

SARAH YOUNGER: The best thing an author can do to "wow" me is to come with a great book idea with the writing to back it up. 

SUE GRIMSHAW: Have a social media presence – very important for digital first books. I am also impressed when an author knows what readers want, what the bestselling books are and generally what readers are reading.  If an author is versatile as a writer that is very appealing  in today’s digital market.

MACKENZIE FRASER-BUB: Be prepared with a really great short pitch –give me a very brief summary, avoid clichés, have two or three solid, good comps, and be prepared to discuss why you think your book is special.  I’m always wowed by authors who are personable and yet professional in their presentation; I’m attracted to people who are interested not only in the craft of writing, but in the business of publishing as well.  

Now you are armed and ready to pitch and wow the right editor or agent for your book.

Registration fee goes up after December 31st.


Terri Molina
Conference co-coordinator

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