Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pictures of the event - continued

Registration in the conference center lobby went very smoothly

Morning coffee between workshops on the conference center terrace

Some seriously prepared their agent/editor pitch in an isolated corner

Others waited nervously for their turn to meet said agent or editor

A professional photographer was providing head shots on CDs for $20. Authors always need new head shots for their web sites, blogs, FaceBook page, etc. This was a bargain, and the photos were great.

The food was fantastic. Even the dinner salads looked pretty

As you may not know, the conference was sold out. So, the dining room was always full for all the major events.


Besides the pictures of our main guests posted on the last blog, here are a few general shots of the book signing, handled by B&N and gathering over thirty authors.

Patricia Brooks (standing right)

And the line at the B&N cash register was long...

More pictures of the Hospitality suite and raffles to come tomorrow.

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