Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What to Bring to your Editor/Agent Appointment

This is an often asked question, especially if this is your first writers conference. Here are the facts.

You only have 10 minutes. That's not time to go through everything and recite your entire first chapter. You're going to want to have your pitch down to just a couple of minutes so that you have time to discuss it with her after you pitch. Most people bring some notes with them on note cards.

You're not going to want to bring an entire query letter and you definitely don't want to bring chapters to hand over to the editor/agent during your meeting. She's not going to want it. IF she is interested, she will tell you what she wants to see - usually via email - after you get back home. This is a perfect opportunity for you to have a conversation with this industry professional. Use your time wisely.

On Friday afternoon, Erin Quinn is giving a great workshop on Pitching. She'll be using examples from the audience and discussing how to improve your pitches. It's a really great chance to get feedback and practice your pitch before you go in front of the editor or agent.

Susan Lanier
2012 Desert Dreams Conference Coordinator

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