Saturday, January 28, 2012

Answers to often asked questions about the Desert Dreams Conference

Do you need to register for each workshop upon arrival?

No. The main events take place in a very large room where everyone will fit. As for the many other workshops, you can pick and choose as you go. Some will be better attended than others according to topic and speaker, but you do not need to make a decision in advance.

The program you receive will have a brief description of each workshop to give you a chance to help plot out your weekend. However, you might get into a workshop and decide it's not what you had in mind or it covers material that doesn't quite fit your needs, so you are free to get up and move to a different workshop. We just ask that everyone be courteous as you move between rooms.

Do we get handouts?

When you get your goody-stuffed bag at registration, you will also have a CD that includes all of the handouts that everyone receives when they attend each workshop. That way, even if you don't go to a workshop, you'll still have the handouts to take home with you.

CDs? How about recordings?

We will be selling CDs of all the workshops. We have a wonderful company, VW Tapes, that records sessions for us. The quality of these recordings is fabulous, by the way. They really do have great information on them and the company offers a discount if you should decide to buy the entire conference recording set.

Here's a link to the past 3 conferences and the sessions from those (all of which are still available as either CDs or downloadable MP3s):

Please note that NOT every session is recorded. Some speakers prefer not to record their sessions. Those will be CLEARLY listed in the program, so that you can make your decisions based on that information.

Hope to see you there.

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