Monday, October 24, 2011

Speaker Vijaya Schartz - The Funny Thing About eBooks


Ten years ago, the established publishing industry considered eBooks a joke, a mere blip on the horizon. Now, eBooks are everywhere, and they sell more copies on the web than print books. What do you really need to know as a writer to take advantage of this mushrooming market, without losing your sanity? Are eBooks the way to publish your next novel? Or are you thinking of re-releasing your back list yourself? The proliferation of eBook publishers, eBook reading devices, eBook formats, eBook self-publishing services, has become maddening.... not to mention the different submission guidelines for eBook manuscripts... the intricacies of electronic editing, or the new ethics of this particular business. Is piracy a real threat? What are the most efficient ways to promote eBooks through networks, websites and blogs? And will you still have time to write while doing it? Learn the tricks from an experienced author published in print, eBooks, and audiobooks, who believed in eBooks from the start and has been riding that wave ever since.

Since her first book release in 2000, award-winning author Vijaya Schartz had seventeen novels and novellas published in Science Fiction, mainstream and romance, in print, audiobooks, and all eBook formats. With five different publishers, she caught the first eBook wave in 2002 and has been navigating the eBook jungle ever since, keeping abreast of this ever-expanding market.

Past President of the Arizona Authors Association for seven years, Vijaya was also the Editor in Chief of the Arizona Literary Magazine for nine years. She hosted a radio talk show about writing for four years in Arizona on KFNX 1100 AM, and internationally on BOOK CRAZY RADIO on the WEB. She is past President of the Desert Rose and the Valley of the Sun chapters of Romance Writers, present webmistress of the Valley of the Sun Romance Writers and of the Arizona Authors Association.

Vijaya speaks at national conferences, and leads her own seminars locally, on all aspects of writing, getting published, and book promotion under the brand: Write Path Seminars. More at: Her latest romantic science-fiction eBook series, THE CHRONICLES OF KASSOUK, from Desert Breeze Publishing, started with WHITE TIGER (2009). RED LEOPARD (2010), BLACK JAGUAR (2010), BLUE LIONESS (2011), and NOAH’S ARK (April 2012).

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