Monday, February 8, 2010

A visit with Editor Deb Werksman

Deb Werksman is an editor at SourceBooks with some wonderful and talented authors on her shelf. She acquires single-title romance fiction in all subgenres--paranormal, historical, romantic suspense, contemporary and erotic romance. She is looking for romance fiction that is at least 90,000 words, creates an amazing world that she can escape into, and that is highly saleable. She thinks strategically about her authors' careers and is looking for authors who want to grow and flourish in a great independent publishing house. Check out submission guidelines on

Welcome, Deb and thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to join us today.

DRose: When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

Deb: A lawyer!

What or who influenced you to become an editor?
Deb: I became an editor when my husband bought a laser printer in 1989 and we were thinking about ways to make it pay for itself.

DRose: What books do you read for pleasure?
Deb: Mostly romance fiction! Also, Jane Austen and Jane Austen related fiction, Jacqueline Winspear and Alexander McCall Smith, Malcolm Gladwell and Atul Gawande, along with some business non-fiction

DRose: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

Deb: Yoga teacher

DRose: What one word would you use to describe yourself?

Deb: Lively

DRose: It’s said you can tell a lot about a person by their surroundings. What does your workspace look like?

Deb: Tiny space, stacked neatly to the ceiling, nice window, high ceiling, wood floors, brass doorknob

DRose: Do you have any hobbies?

Deb: Knitting, yoga, and take courses at Landmark Education

DRose: If you were stranded on an island… what four things would you want with you?

Deb: Yoga mat, fully loaded e-book reader, chocolate, my husband (not in that order!)

DRose: What was the most dangerous or scariest thing you’ve ever done?

Deb: hiking/camping in the Sierra Nevadas (a long, long time ago)

DRose: If you could have lunch with anyone living or dead… who would it be?

Deb: The Dalai Lama

DRose: If you could live in another time period… when would it be and why?

Deb: The Regency period because I love how mannerly it was and I want to meet a Georgette Heyer hero

DRose: What is your favorite word? What is your least favorite word?

Deb: My favorite word is “possibility” and my least favorite word is “laved”

DRose: What was your most embarrassing moment (that you are comfortable sharing). Deb: Um, I’ve managed to forget it

DRose: Tell us something about you no one else knows.

Deb: That would make my husband jealous

Flash Round:

Favorite Ice Cream flavor?

Deb: chocolate

Favorite Food?

Deb: chocolate

Favorite flower?

Deb: iris

Favorite Sport?

Deb: yoga

Guilty Pleasure?

Deb: Any form of pampering—manicure, pedicure, massage J

Thank you again for joining us.

Deb will be taking author appointments at the conference so if you haven't signed up yet, you still have time.


  1. I'd love to spend time in person with the Dalai Lama, too. If I get an invitation, I'll send you an invite also.

    I think this will post with Mariah's name (my granddaughter, as she has the Google account). I'm Judith Ashley and I'm looking forward to meeting you in Scotsdale in April.


  2. Deb,

    How handicapped do you think a writer is if s/he doesn't blog, tweet, and get involved with the other social networks. I have a website but have not gone further in order to stay focused on my writing. (I can get lost in emails and phone calls).

    Judith Ashley, also known on this blog as Mariah.

  3. Hi Deb!
    Just wanted to stop by and give you a warm welcome. I'm so looking forward to seeing you at our conference this year!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Deb! I'm a huge fan of Casablanca author Robin Kaye and her delish domestic god books. I'm looking forward to hearing about Sourcebook's YA efforts as you've had some great titles come out the past year. See you in April!